About Us

RiChee' Luxe ( ri-shay) is an Atlanta,Ga based fashion house founded by Auri Nechee' the summer of 2015. Always a true lover of fashionand over the top opulence, she always found it hard to find garments to fit her taste and plus size frame. She always hated shopping and not finding the correct fit/size or having to shop in specialty stores separate from her standard size friends. Which lead to the birth of RiChee' Luxe. A brand that specializes in mixing opulence and couture streetwear.

RiChee' Luxe Brand:

RiChee' Luxe is for that rebellious go getter that has a strong sense of style and personality. They are not afraid to take fashion risk and break rules that society deems to be the norm. We believe in blending that couture  flare with a hint of street edge , mixed together you get our signature "Jet Set Rebel" style. This is why we refer to our squad as "Jet Set Rebels". A "Jet Set Rebel" embodies every sense of the word glamour but leads with their rebellious soul, giving you the best of both worlds.

Our Mission:

We believe that fashion should be celebrated on all bodies no matter their shape or size. So we offer beautiful pieces in a variety of sizes ranging from 2- 32. No more of the days where standard and plus size fashion are separated. All bodies are beautiful and should experience the "Jet Set Rebel" lifestyle.


" I Don't Do Fashion, I am Fashion". - CoCo Chanel